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Anthony N. Palumbo, New Jersey Marijuana Attorney of Palumbo & Renaud

Marijuana is hands down, the most popular drug in the world.  Each year, the U.S. Federal Government spends millions of dollars taking down marijuana users and distributers around the United States.  Over the past two years, New Jersey has been fighting its own war to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.  Severe opposition to the Compassionate Use Act has only caused law enforcement to come down harder on illegal users throughout the state.  At the law offices of Palumbo & Renaud, the attorneys fight to protect ordinary individuals from overtly severe marijuana penalties that can easily turn a little fun into a lifetime of legal consequence.  If you have been arrested for a marijuana offense in New Jersey, contact the law offices of Palumbo & Renaud for a Free Consultation at 1-866-664-8118 today and speak to an attorney who has more than thirty-five (35) years of success defending your side.

New Jersey Marijuana Information Pages:

This website is designed to present information on New Jersey marijuana penalties to the public in an easily accessible manner.  The marijuana information pages on this website include Marijuana PossessionMarijuana in a car, and Marijuana ParaphernaliaMarijuana Distribution pages include:  Marijuana Manufacturing and Operating a Drug Facility.  Distribution penalties are increased when marijuana is sold in a School Zone or Park/Public Housing Project.  This website also discusses alternatives to litigating marijuana charges such as Pretrial Intervention, Conditional Discharge, and Drug Court. The attorney at the offices of Palumbo & Renaud is always available to discuss the information on these pages in greater depth during a Free Consultation at 1-866-664-8118.

New Jersey Marijuana Lawyer

Anthony N. Palumbo, marijuana defense lawyer, has been successfully defending individuals charged with marijuana crimes in New Jersey for more than three decades.  He has an aggressive and creative defense team on call 24/7 to answer your questions.  To speak with an attorney who can truly make a difference in your marijuana case, contact the law offices of Palumbo & Renaud today for a Free Initial Consultation at 1-866-664-8118.  

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